Bamboozled! Besieged by Lies, Man Never a Sinner

It’s time to correct the madness.

Are you sure the beliefs you hold about the history of humanity are true? Have you ever wondered where biblically-based accounts and centuries-old traditions are rooted?

When the earliest civilizations began documenting the activities of humanity for posterity, they opened a field for recorded history upon which many would seek to play a part. Therefore, modern civilizations have trouble distinguishing recorded truth from recorded lies. Unraveling the truth of our origin is a task that calls for exceptionally sharp reasoning skills.

In BAMBOOZLED!, Timothy Aldred reveals the paradigm of deception to which generations of people have been taught to surrender their hearts and minds – in blind faith.

Who gains from the mindless devotion of the populace, generation to generation?

Come aboard for a refreshingly exciting and unbiased view of humanity’s true origin! Examine ancient accounts of the early years and how they compare to the theologically faith-based views that have been used to control and manipulate millions of people for millennia.

Best of all, as never before, learn how to demystify and unravel biblical mysteries using good reason and accurate distinction. It is time to free your mind from over 2000 years of conditioned belief patterns. It’s vital for living!

The Dark Side of the Publishing Industry

In October of 2006, Timothy Aldred’s daughter, author Millenia Black, filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against New York publishing giant, Penguin Group, U.S.A. After two years, Penguin Group settled the case with his daughter out of court, and she is prohibited from ever discussing the details of the case again.

THE DARK SIDE OF THE PUBLISHING INDUSTRY is a father’s account of what transpired throughout the legal process prior to the settlement of the case, and the reasons he believes the case was settled out of court. Timothy believes injustices flourish in silence, and the truth must be spoken until all writers are treated equally.

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